Annual implementation reports are prepared to review and celebrate progress made in support of the 100 Days Mission and to direct future efforts toward the highest impact areas.

Second Implementation Report

(31 January 2023)

The second report on implementation of the 100 Days Mission implementation. This report was prepared by the IPP Secretariat as an independent progress assessment based on desk research, interviews with key global health and pandemic preparedness stakeholders, and pro-forma surveys. The report covers progress from January to December 2022, and identifies six focus areas for international effort and support in 2023. The IPP Secretariat thanks all stakeholders for their time and input in developing the report.

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First Implementation Report

(2 December 2021)

The first report on implementation of the 100 Days Mission, presented to G7 Leaders from G7 Chief Scientific Advisers, covering initial progress from June to December 2021.

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2021 100 Days Mission Report

(12 June 2021)

A report to the G7 by an independent group of scientific and global health leaders (the pandemic preparedness partnership).

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