IPPS Science and Technology Group set out 100 Days Mission vision for a new MCM network

As the work behind the interim medical countermeasures network (i-MCM-net) progresses, it is essential that it is informed by the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. In an opinion piece for The Lancet, the 100 Days Mission Science and Technology Group (STEG) and IPPS Deputy Head of Secretariat set out five recommendations for how this can be taken forward to improve pandemic preparedness:ย 

– Embed equitable access new productsย 

– Enhance international coordination of R&D to make best use of limited fundingย 

– Develop and maintain a global clinical trials network to ensure diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines are evaluated in regions where they are likely to be usedย 

– Adopt an ambitious preparatory regulatory approach, centred around the strengthening and harmonisation of national regulatory requirementsย 

– Pursue a sustainable regional manufacturing strategy to improve diagnostic, therapeutic and vaccine availability and equitable access in low- and middle-income countries, as well as supporting local product confidenceย 

Read the full article โ€œThe 100 Days Mission: how a new medical-countermeasures network can deliver equity and innovationโ€.